Children’s hospitals

Laughter is better than medicine! With Specialised Clown shows, Voyce artists have encouraged many cancer patients throughout USA.
More Psychologists are finding that discreet uses of humor promote healing in their patients. “…Laughter boosts the immune system, increasing natural disease-fighting killer cells and lowering blood pressure.” Mc Guire, Patrick A.

“Voyce” Clowns use their skills such as magic, balloon sculpting, storytelling and other clowning skills to treat children with doses of fun to help them deal with the range of emotions they may experience while in the hospital — fear, anxiety, loneliness, boredom. Easing post-surgery shock, that many children experience is largely contributed to the clowns’ ability to create a fun atmosphere in which the child feels cared for.
Study shows that Clowns’ personal attention and words of encouragement increases recovery speed and helps healing, especially in those with serious operations.


1. Reduces stress hormones – cortisol (Buchanan T,Albisi M).
2. Enhances relaxation response (Prerost F. )
3. Reduces physical tension – (Brigham, D.D.)
4. Reduces pain and improves pain threshold (Weisenberg J.)
5. Improve immunity- stimulates IgA (Lambert R, Lambert N.), increases blood leukocytes (Berk L et al. ), reduce stress hormones (Berk L, Tan S, et al.), and buffer against the immunosuppressive effects of stress (Koh K , Kamei T. )
6. Improve blood and lymph flow, increase oxygenation, lowers blood pressure and exercises muscles. (Davis, A.)


1. Improves mood, coping with sadness (Moran C, Massam M.; Moran C.) and loss (Showalter S, S Kobel S.)
2. Moderates stress and buffers physical effects of stress (Abel M.)
3. Improves coping with terminal illness, hospitalisation and major medical procedures (Savage L, Canody C.)
4. Positively associated with creativity (Thorson J, Powell F.), generativity (Hampes W.), and emotional stability, extraversion (Deaner S, McConatha J.)